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  • ENjoy3 ( 48 / W / Washington, DC )

    Coffee and a small table where we can just meet to see if we are a fit.

  • Trixie185 ( 54 / W / Hobe Sound, FL )

    How about a cup of coffee or a drink, a walk in the park or at the beach and a question and answer session, just some time to talk and see if there is chemistry

  • lovesthemusic ( 57 / M / Lake Oswego, OR )

    I enjoy meeting in places where there can be chemistry to be felt! I want to hear someones heart and soul. Thats what lasts.

  • GreenEyes32828 ( 47 / W / Orlando, FL )

    Coffee or drinks. Something simple! Get to know each other. Then, if the conversation is right, it could progress into lunch or dinner.

  • WonderingYrs ( 51 / W / Poway, CA )

    I do like coffee and time on the beach , to combine the two is great. I am a simple lady

  • Aquarius0204 ( 57 / W / Fort Myers, FL )

    Just sit and chat over a cup of coffee or a cocktail.

  • silvermazda ( 55 / W / perth, Western Australia )

    coffee..... or drinks. if its a miss-match then you are not caught up

  • Bowiefan55 ( 62 / M / Glens Falls, NY )

    Roller blade or long board in the park and then get a cup of coffee and talk

  • free2beeme ( 48 / M / Attleboro, MA )

    Skype,Coffee, Lunch, I am up for the excitement of the unknown, and newness of dating however there seems to be a wide bias on what a " real gentlemen" is and i understand. There has to be a...  read more >>

  • dacunha ( 55 / W / campos, Rio de Janeiro )

    Sou aposentada de uma grande estatal, tenho uma imobiliária e uma empresa de prestação de serviços administrativos, não pretendo parar de trabalhar, pois sou um pessoa ativa, mas também adoro vi...  read more >>

  • oneluckygal ( 55 / W / La Quinta, CA )

    Light lunch or coffee

  • Alice322018 ( 32 / W / Short Hills, NJ )

    Anywhere we can just talk and be ourselves.

  • yourtrulove2day ( 74 / W / West Hollywood, CA )

    Online dating is so hit and miss, so let's be casual and keep it short. hahahahahhhahahaahha If we connect over tea, we can always go to dinner!

  • JuliaPalmer ( 67 / W / Ann Arbor, MI )

    Saturday morning coffee at a quiet café....then....if we're still talking...brunch and a walk....

  • GSchoks ( 49 / M / Olds, AB )

    Suppose we should have a chat before we plan for a romantic dinner and L-T commitment, yes? Let's talk and see where we go from there. But, if the conversation is easy and flows nicely, and physical a...  read more >>

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